Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today or tomorrow?

Well as you all know this is my second time writing a blog.So,i would like to talk about yesterday night.Yesterday night,i went to a restaurant called Restorant Capati Medan Gopeng with my family.I ordered roti tissu which was really big.It was like the size of a mountain.But not litterally of course.After that,we went to Seven Eleven which is just next to the restaurant.Me and my sister bought 2 cups of Slurpee.I loved slurpee very much.Too bad i cant eat it everynight tho.Just like 1's a week,something like that.So,today my family woke up really early in the morning to eat Sahur.Because this month is Ramadan month.So, i have to fast until 7:30p.m.I hope today is going to be like yesterday but it cant be because yesteday is yesterday but today is today.So,Bye until the next time.

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