Saturday, August 29, 2009

A New Friend

Yesterday,me and my family was watching Inkheart.Suddenly,the doorbell rang.My father went downstairs to see who was it.After a while,he went upstairs and said to my brother that it was his frien.So,me and my brother went downstairs to see who was it.It was our cousin called Abang Hafiz.But he was not alone,he came with a friend.His friend was a girl.She was from France.Her name is Ohrelli.She was very preety.She had blonde hair.Her skin is redish but very fair.Well,BYE!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today or tomorrow?

Well as you all know this is my second time writing a blog.So,i would like to talk about yesterday night.Yesterday night,i went to a restaurant called Restorant Capati Medan Gopeng with my family.I ordered roti tissu which was really big.It was like the size of a mountain.But not litterally of course.After that,we went to Seven Eleven which is just next to the restaurant.Me and my sister bought 2 cups of Slurpee.I loved slurpee very much.Too bad i cant eat it everynight tho.Just like 1's a week,something like that.So,today my family woke up really early in the morning to eat Sahur.Because this month is Ramadan month.So, i have to fast until 7:30p.m.I hope today is going to be like yesterday but it cant be because yesteday is yesterday but today is today.So,Bye until the next time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When i first thought.............

It was a bright sunny morning,my sister was writing in her blog and i thought"Hey why dont i write a blog?".At first,i thought i was not old enough to do a blog.After a moment of thinking, i asked my mom wether or not i can write in a blog.Suprisingly,she said i could so i started right away.It took a long time for me to figure out what to write and TING!!!!!!!!!!!it was like a lightbulb lighting above my head.That idea is the 1 you're reading.I actually have ran out of ideas.So,bye till the next time a bulb lits up on my head.Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well till the next time........